Yamaha at MTS 2020

Since the release of the SY-1 in 1974, Yamaha Synths have helped to change the face of music. Today Yamaha offer a wide range of ground-breaking Synths and Stage Keyboards from the flagship MONTAGE to the popular Reface Series which are based on legendary Yamaha keyboards.

What was new in 2020? 

YC61 - new for 2020

(Image credit: Yamaha)

The YC61 – Yamaha’s first stage keyboard with drawbars. With meticulously emulated circuits and the unique and popular drawbar controls, the YC61 provides true organ feel in a compact, road-ready format. 

With a large selection of additional sounds from exquisite concert grand pianos to classic electric pianos, its clever iteration of the drawbar mechanics and a specially developed waterfall keyboard, the YC61 is the stage instrument for demanding organists and keyboard players.

With the YC61, Yamaha offers a compact, lightweight, yet versatile and authentic keyboard featuring nine drawbars, allowing for lively performances with the exciting sound of the VCM technology. With Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology (VCM), the Yamaha engineers recreated the exact behaviour of all the transistors and resistors of tonewheel and drawbar circuits. The waterfall keyboard has been developed from the ground up and has just the right amount of resistance for the best playing feel. 

It is not limited to Organ sounds, though: high-quality piano and synthesizer sounds can also be played. A whole host of electric pianos in the tradition of classic FM synthesis enhances the instrument’s capabilities even more, preparing discerning keyboard players for all live applications. The control scheme foregoes complex menus in favour of easy-to-find parameters on the control surface. The whole design is particularly lightweight at only 7.1 kg (15 pounds, 10 oz.), making it particularly portable but built to withstand rough conditions on the road 

For more info visit uk.yamaha.com.

What is SoundMondo?

Soundmondo is Yamaha’s Social Sound Sharing platform which allows you to store, share and recall your presets created on the latest range of Yamaha Synths including the Montage, MODX and CP88/73 Stage Pianos & the now the new YC61 Stage Keyboard. 

So exactly how does social sound sharing work?  Well, it's actually pretty simple. You can browse the library of sound files, select the sound and it is sent from the SoundMondo server to your browser and from your browser to your keyboard where you can play. If the synth or stage piano can store sounds, you can store the sound locally on your keyboard.  Using the SoundMondo iOS app, you can create set lists and organize your sounds for live performance. 

To learn more about the platform, how to set up & where to download the app, click here.

New Software Updates for MONTAGE, MODX and CP ranges

Yamaha have recently introduced free software updates for MONTAGE, MODX and CP ranges. 

Montage v3.5 & MODX v2.5

(Image credit: Yamaha)

(Image credit: Yamaha)

These updates offer even more control and open possibilities for sound creation, These include Smart Morph, Pattern Sequencer improvements and compatibility maximisation.  In addition, new Performances are added focusing on the newly added FM-X Smart Morph feature.

For More Detailed information visit: https://bit.ly/3k9sTHW

CP v1.4

Two fascinating new piano sounds are added to Yamaha’s CP series, the Nashville C3 and the CF3 for enchanting studio and live performances. The Sub section has also been enhanced with Sforzando Brass Section as well as a Classic and a Western Guitar. 

Montage OS v3.5 https://yamaha.io/3k87Q8D
MODX OS v2.5 https://yamaha.io/31b9vTi
CP OS v1.4 https://yamaha.io/3lPPXMg

Yamaha Tech Talks

Tech Talk Live is a weekly live presentation from Yamaha Synths hosted on Youtube. These livestream sessions are rich with information and demos and give valuable hints, tips and advice on getting the most out of your Yamaha Synth and Stage Keyboard. 

This Livestreams are run simultaneously by Yamaha America, Yamaha Europe and Yamaha Japan with specialists in English, German, Spanish and Japanese. Tech Talk Live has featured all of our Yamaha Synths and Stage Keyboard and all of these sessions are still available to view providing a valuable resource for Yamaha users. 

New sessions are running every Tuesday at 9PM GMT, so we would love you to join us. Please visit our Yamaha Synths YouTube Channel and ensure you subscribe to be notified on up and coming sessions. 

Visit: https://bit.ly/355Jpm4