Watch Simon Phillips deliver a phenomenal prog-rock drum performance in this exclusive DarWin playthrough

Simon Phillips - session drum supremo for the likes of Toto, Jeff Beck and The Who - has teamed up with DarWin for one of the prog-rock highlights of 2019 with debut Origin Of Species - and luckily for us, he's let us in on a few of the album's drumming secrets.

In the exclusive video above, Phillips shares the rhythms and techniques he employs on opening track For Humanity, including a host of vital playing tips for drummers along the way.

There’s also a full playthrough of the track, which you can view below, where Phillips puts that mammoth set to awe-inspiring use.

Origin Of Species features other muso heavyweights such as Matt Bissonette, Greg Howe, Jeff Babko, Dennis Hamm and more, and is available to order now.


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