Watch Roland's Hybrid Drums: From Studio to Stage video course in full

It's never been more affordable or accessible to venture into the world of hybrid drumming than now. But if you're stuck on where to start with incorporating electronic drum pads and triggers into your acoustic kit, Roland is here to help with a brand new video series.

Hybrid Drums: From Studio to Stage is presented by drummers (and musical directors) Joe Clegg (Ellie Goulding) and Adam Marcello (Katie Perry), and as the title suggests, takes you through everything you need to know in order to get started with hybrid drums.

The series is split into three main parts: Part One looks at identifying the sounds you wish to play via your hybrid setup. Part Two deals with sourcing and creating the sounds and Part Three explores how to perform with a hybrid setup. 

Within these three areas, Roland has produced nine videos exploring different options for sound creation, preparing the samples for use on stage, how to incorporate the gear you need into your setup and more.

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Hybrid Drums: From Studio To Stage - Part One

In the first three videos, Joe Clegg and Adam Marcello show you how analyse a track to decide on which parts are going to transfer to your hybrid setup. 

From here, they discuss ways of recreating the sounds you're trying to achieve, plus look at ways to implement them into your setup.

Hybrid Drums: From Studio To Stage - Part Two

Part Two shows how Joe and Adam split the phrases and sounds they need to replicate and assign them as hits, one-shots, or loops. 

They also show you how to load the samples into their hardware, while Joe uses the internal sounds of a Roland TM-6 Pro to match a filtered TR-808 loop. 

Hybrid Drums: From Studio To Stage - Part Three

In the final three videos Adam and Joe demonstrate how to process your samples in a DAW to ensure a clean and consistent playback when triggering.

As well as this they discuss using hardware vs software, and the gear you need on your kit to bring everything together.

For more information on Roland's Hybrid Drums: From Studio to Stage series, visit the dedicated page.

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