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Watch guitarist jam rock classics with broken washing machine

What with drum machines, pedals and programming, drummers already have it tough. But guitarist Aaron McAvoy has added further insult to injury by replacing a sticksman with a broken washing machine for a series of rock covers, the latest of which features a washing-based take on the Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right To Party/Laundry.

We don’t have any details on the exact model of the washer, but Aaron dubs it Ken E More, and it keeps an impressive near-metronomic tempo throughout.

There aren’t a load of rhythm patterns onboard, but it does at least offer multiple wash cycles.

We’re also big fans of Aaron and Ken’s other duets, which include Sweet Child ’O Mine (feat Axl Clothes, below), while the likes of Thunderstruck and The Devil Went Down To Georgia also feature on Aaron’s YouTube channel.

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