Warm Audio's new ODD Box and Mutation Phasor II pedals look familar

Warm Audio
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There's absolutely no doubt where the inspiration for Warm Audios new ODD Box v1 and Mutation Phasor II comes from. The design influence of the Fulltone OCD and Musitronics Mu-tron Phasor is undeniable here. 

While Muke Fuller's Fulltone indicated it was closing its Californian factory last year, effectively discontinuing the OCD overdrive pedal in the long term and driving used prices up as a result, the Phasor III iteration is currently being produced under the Mu-Tron banner, along with other classics from the brand. 

The ODD Box v1 is a $119 "hard-clipping overdrive inspired by a modern pedalboard staple known for cranked-amp tone," according to the Austin, Texas company, that already has form this year in the effects pedal market with the Warmdrive and Centavo – themselves inspired by the iconic Love Pedal Zendrive and Bill Finnegan's Klon Centaur.

The Mutation Phasor II weighs in at $149 and promises to be "an accurate recreation of a swirly phaser made famous in the experimental era of the 1970s". 

The Mu-Tron was a funky box and no mistake and has found fans in Tom Bukovac, Billy Corgan and Rob Trower over the years, with bassists and keys players also attracted to its deep swirly goodness.

In addition to Rate and Depth controls, the analogue Mutation Phasor II offers a Feedback parameter for the wet phase-shifting signal. This ups the intensity of the sweeps that is especially beneficial at slower rates. 

Warm Audio

(Image credit: Warm Audio)

Warm Audio has built the pedal with premium components, including RC4558P op-amps, vintage-style diodes, carbon resistors and film caps; all housed in a steel case. 

The ODD stands for Over Drive Disorder (the original OCD stood for Obsessive Compulsive Drive ) and aims for the open mid- to high-gain 'cranked amp' tonality of its inspiration, and a switch to move between UK and US tube amp character.

The pedal features a TLO82CP op-amp and 2N7000 transistors, and even features the side thumb screws like the OCD.  

Warm Audio

(Image credit: Warm Audio)

The Warm Audio ODD V1 Box is priced at $119/£119 and the Mutation Phasor II is $149/£159. Preorder at Andertons and Sweetwater . More info at Warm Audio. Check out a selection of demos below. 

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