Walrus extends its Canvas pedal utility line with Power Series supplies

Walrus Audio
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It cannot be said enough; you should always buy the best pedal power supply you can afford. Don't be cheap when it comes to juice (even though I recently proved there are exceptions). It is worth investing in quality, and examples that will fit in with your pedalboard needs and not let you down at home or away. So we're pleased to see the market expanding again with the news Walrus has made four different options to add to its ever-growing Canvas pedal utility range.

Joining the re-amping, tuner and DI units in the Canvas lineup, the Power Series has the option of five, eight, 15, and a whopping, 22 outputs – and you can even link them together if your power requirements grow.

Walrus Audio

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"The stand-alone version comes with an external DC power brick that connects to the mains," explains Walrus – these cost a little more as a result. "The link version comes with a 24V link cable (without the DC brick) to be connected to another Canvas Power model," the company adds and stressed:  "There is no technical difference between the stand-alone version and the link version. The only difference is what is bundled with the actual model (DC brick or link cable)."

Walrus Audio

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

The key features of every one are as we'd expect from a company of Walrus's rep. Clean, multi-filtered, isolated power supplies with 9V DC outputs, each delivering up to 500mA to cover the hungriest of power draws from most effects pedals, and two 9, 12, 18V variable ports (there's one variable port on Canvas Power 5)

The 8, 15, 22 units even feature a power consumption meter and USB C 5V, 1.5A port, and all models have pedalboard mounting brackets included. 

They're available now from retailers including Andertons, Thomann and Sweetwater and the prices are as follows:

  • Canvas Power 5: £185 / $189
  • Canvas Power 5 Link:  £165 / $169 
  • Canvas Power 8: £239 / $249
  • Canvas Power 8 Link: £219 / $229
  • Canvas Power 15: £289 / $299
  • Canvas Power 15 Link: £259 / $269
  • Canvas Power 22: £385 / $399
  • Canvas Power 22 Link: £355 / $369
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