The Walrus Audio SLÖTVA Multi-Texture Reverb is a SLÖ with user presets

Walrus Audio has unveiled its latest update of the much-loved SLÖ reverb pedal with the SLÖTVA Multi-Texture Reverb, and unlike most current cases of the word ‘variant’ this one is more than welcome.

Walrus Audio SLÖTVA

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

The SLÖTVA builds on the exact same platform as the SLÖ, including the same triple-algorithm design aimed at creating lush, rich reverb soundscapes, but adds the ability to save three presets.

Just as with the SLÖ, there’s a choice of Dark, Rise and Dream reverb algorithms. These can be manipulated with decay, filter, and mix controls, while multiple modulation waveshapes can be added to the ’verb via the toggle’s secondary function and depth controls. The SLÖ’s fluid X control is also present, changing its function depending on which algorithm is selected.

Once you’re done tweaking, saving is carried out by simply pressing the bypass and sustain switches, and the SLÖVTA offers trails/no trails switching for natural fade-out of your reverb or abrupt switching between settings.

The SLÖVTA is available now, priced at £209/€239.

Stuart Williams

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