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Walrus Audio debuts Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo pedal

Walrus Audio has released details on its latest feature-laden stompbox, the Monument Harmonic Tap-Tremolo.

The Monument delivers both harmonic and regular tremolo; the former echoes Fender’s Brownface amps, with low- and high-pass versions of the guitar signal modulated out-of-phase, resulting in a ‘chewy’ tone.

Standard mode, meanwhile, modulates both frequencies together for a traditional sound, while the wave control offers sine, square, ramp, lumps and a random Monument Mode.

A momentary bypass feature is also onboard, as are standard rate and depth controls, and, of course, a separate tap tempo footswitch.

The Monument tremolo pedal is available to preorder now for $249 via Walrus Audio, and ships on 25 April.

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