Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton serves up 90 seconds of serious harpejji funk on his new Vulfmon single

Stevie Wonder has already proved (multiple times) what a funky beast the harpejji can be, but if you’re looking for further evidence, Vulfmon - AKA Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton - just provided it.

His latest single, Harpejji I, is a 90-second ode to this unique electronic stringed instrument, which has been described as a cross between a piano and a guitar. It was developed in 2007 by US audio engineer Tim Meeks (AKA Marcodi Musical Products), who created a playing surface that involves whole tones ascending as you move across strings and semitones ascending as you move up them.

In the Vulfmon song, the harpejji was recorded through the Goodhertz Vulf Compressor plugin, which adds an extra layer of grunt and funk.

Other famous harpejjists include Jacob Collier and Cory Henry, both of whom have brought their best two-handed tapping game to the instrument. 

If you fancy your own harpejji, head over to the Marcodi Musical Products website and check out the current range. The instruments are available in various configurations, though the cheapest standard model will set you back more than £2,600, and the fact that they’re hand-crafted and built to order means that you’ll have to wait a while if you want one.

New Vulfmon album Vulfnik will be released on 1 June. 

Ben Rogerson

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