Reddick's new Voyager Modular is the electric guitar you can mod on-the-fly

Reddick Guitars Voyager Modular
(Image credit: Reddick Guitars)

The future of electric guitar design looks increasingly modular. We have seen innovative builds from the likes of Relish – whose Trinity By Relish let you change pickups without even taking the strings off – and now we have Reddick Guitars going all in with the Voyager Modular.

Indeed, Reddick takes the modular concept one step further with a design that lets you change your pickups and control circuit without even having to mute your guitar amp

How does it work? Well, each guitar comes with interchangeable pickup and control modules, which you can swap in and out seconds without the need for soldering or tools of any kind. 

Reddick says it's the ideal option for the guitar player who needs a lot of different sounds – and how presumably doesn't see that tone inspiration coming from their pedalboard.

The Voyager guitars are equipped with a patented breakaway control module, so you can match the control circuit to the pickups of your choice. You can choose from single-coil, humbucker, and T-style pickup modules pickups made by Golden Age. These pickup models are compatible with the standard Voyager control module, which has a 5-position switch, a pair of tone knobs and a volume control.

Reddick promises more options on the menu in the future but is taking your custom pickup and control options. So if you want to switch up your Voyager Moduler's T-style pickup module for a Fishman Fluence humbuckers with the multi-voice functionality, well, just fill out the form.

As for the guitars themselves, you have options and plenty of them. The Voyager Modular ships with a maple neck carved into a slim, asymmetrical C profile. This is topped with a 9.5”-16” compound radius Katalox (Mexican ebony) fingerboard with offset dots and 22 frets. 

The bodies are a moveable feast – well, quite literally if you count the interchangeable units – and are heavily contoured. You can choose from ash, walnut, and cherry.

With all these modular options on offer, the pricing varies. However, the basic Voyager package arrives with a pair of pickup modules and is priced $2199, with Reddick running an introductory offer that sees the 50 units will priced $1499.99. 

As for the pickup modules, prices begin at $199.99, and are dependent on which pickups you choose. For more details or to send in your custom requirements, head on over to Reddick Guitars.

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