Venom Prison’s Ash Gray and Ben Thomas talk Jackson guitars

Venom Prison dropped their latest album, Erebos at the start of February. Powered by melodic phrasing, wrist-bothering palm-muting and more than a healthy flex of some shred muscles, there’s plenty for guitarists to get excited about.

Here, guitarists Ash Gray and Ben Thomas give us some insight into the tools of their trade, and it’s clear that ‘V’ (either King or Rhoads) is for Venom. In Ash’s arsenal are a Jackson Pro Series King V KVT, finished in Three-Tone Sunburst plus a Pro Series Demmelition (Phil Demmel signature model). 

Ben, meanwhile is using his latest acquisition - a Pro Series Rhoads RR24Q in Transparent Purple alongside his road-tested Snow White Pro Series RR 22, as well as his prized studio guitar - a US-made Charvel San Dimas Style 1.

You can watch Ash and Ben put their guitars through their paces in the play-through of Judges of the Underworld above.

Erebos by Venom Prison is out now via Century Media.

Stuart Williams

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