UK R&B artist Samm Henshaw showcases the value-packed Player Duo-Sonic in this new Fender Sessions performance

Samm Henshaw playing the Fender Player Series Duo-Sonic guitar in Tidepool finish
(Image credit: Fender)

Samm Henshaw has already toured with Chance The Rapper and James Bay in his journey as a solo artist and has checked in with Fender and the Player Series Duo-Sonic for the latest episode in their Sessions series to play two songs from last year's debut album Untidy Soul, as well as new unreleased song The Cafe.  

The Duo-Sonic is a bit of an unsung hero electric guitar model in the Player catalogue for us – it's shorter scale makes it a really friendly guitar for easy bends, and it's got a lovely single-coil cut for Samm's intimate R&B style. And it looks good!

"I like the minimalism to it," says Samm. "It's such a clean, clear guitar. There's less bass frequencies to it as well so it's a much lighter sounding guitar that I think works with a lot of what we've played today. 

"She's real light too, which I like," adds Samm about his £599 Tidepool Blue finish model. "Very fun."

Fender Player Series Duo-Sonic guitar in Tidepool finish

(Image credit: Fender)

Check out more of Samm Henshaw's music via his website, and find out more about the Fender Player Series Duo-Sonic at – it's also available in H/S configuration for £559. 


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