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This woodworm-infested guitar is the most disgusting thing you’ll see all week

Whatever damage your guitars have undergone over the years, we doubt any of it runs quite as deep as this infested electric guitar that’s recently gone in for repair.

A video posted by Ecuador repair shop Guitars Clinic documents the horrifying moment where a chunk of finish is taken off only to reveal a family of woodworm feasting on the guitar’s innards. It’s a novel form of weight relief, if nothing else.

The initial clip was shared with the caption “This is awesome”, before a follow-up video lamented “They are everywhere”, showcasing the extend of the damage across the body.

That guitar, by the way, is a Yamaha RGX 521, although we’d wager the woodworm didn’t come as standard on the spec sheet.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on what happens to this one...

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