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This free synth from Klevgrand could be the easiest you’ve ever used

If parameter knobs aren’t for you, and you even find browsing through lists of presets a bit of a chore, Klevgrand’s free SyndtSphere plugin synth could be right up your street. It’s basically a remake of the company’s Syndt, but with a spherical interface that you simply have to rotate in order to change the sound.

All of the 70-plus presets are wrapped up in said sphere, and as you rotate between them the sound you hear is morphed as parameters change. There are a few traditional controls that enable you to make global settings, but that’s pretty much it.

SyndtSphere is free for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats, and can be downloaded from the Klevgrand website. There’s also an iOS version, which can be purchased for £1.99/$1.99 from the Apple App Store.

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