There’s something missing in your monitor setup and Kali Audio might just have the answer with the WS-6.2 Sub

There’s a gaping hole in your monitor sound and when you hear it, you can't unhear it. Yes, we’re talking about sub-bass. 

Your monitors might be able to handle a wide frequency band, but no matter what, they can’t replicate bass like a subwoofer can. Take, for instance, any six to eight-inch monitors and you’ll no doubt feel satisfied with a frequency response as low as something along the lines of 35Hz. But when it comes to mixing the low end, can you really trust what you’re hearing?

A decent subwoofer should be on every producer’s shopping list, because without it, who knows what strange low-frequency gremlins lurk within your mix. To truly understand what’s happening at the bottom end of the spectrum the right tool for the job is adding a sub to your monitor setup.

Renowned monitor manufacturer, Kali Audio, has come to your rescue with the WS-6.2  a compact studio subwoofer designed to fit in perfectly with Kali’s LP- and IN-Series monitors, but also integrate into any existing set-up.

Kali Audio WS-6.2

(Image credit: Future)

Perfect for small studio spaces, the WS-6.2 is so-called due to the inclusion of two six-inch drivers and can deliver a frequency response as low as 27Hz.

This versatile sub can be easily tuned to fit in a variety of scenarios. The crossover switch on the rear allows you to choose three different options to perfectly suit your setup. 

The 80hz mode sends a high pass signal to the outputs which then goes to your main monitors, leaving the WS-6.2 to take over bass duties. You can use LFE mode to send the sub a dedicated Low-Frequency Effect channel or use external mode to use an external crossover solution if you need to fine-tune those frequencies.

Prices for the WS-6.2 Sub start at $499. Head over to the Kali Audio website for more details.