"Then we found the big, space alien glasses": Watch two restored Rolling Stones ‘68 Jumpin' Jack Flash promos

The Rolling Stones have released freshly-restored 4K versions of two different Jumpin’ Jack Flash promo films.

I’d hate to think they didn’t like it - I went on to do their videos for 15 years.

Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg

The band, currently celebrating their 50th year in action, filmed the slots at Olympic Studios, London in 1968. One, featuring a one-off take of the classic hit, features the band in peak au naturel glower, while the second, more well-known segment - the one with the “big, space alien glasses” - sees them in unsettling stage make-up (below).

Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg explains, “We shot the one without the makeup first. They were great. As we were doing it, I felt there was an ingredient missing, although at that point I didn’t know what it was. 

Brian Jones in big sunglasses

(Image credit: Rolling Stones)

"We had a small meal break and I saw Brian Jones sitting by the makeup table and sort of playing with the colours - putting it on his face and then wiping it off - and I thought, ‘Huh. That’s a real interesting look.’ 

“And so I said to Mick, Keith, Charlie and Bill, ‘Just go over there to the makeup table and see what it’s like if you put some stuff on your face - either stripes or eye makeup, or full-face glitter, whatever strikes you.’”

Lindsay-Hogg continues, “Then we found the big, space alien glasses. We got something much better than we might have had, left to our own devices. It crystallized what it should be. It’s one of those serendipitous moments where all the things that might have gone wrong, didn’t.

"When I edited them and played them back, they loved the videos. I’d hate to think they didn’t, because then I went on to do their videos for 15 years.”

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