The wind cries "analogue phaser" as Crazy Tube Circuits unveils the Cyclone

(Image credit: Crazy Tube Circuits)

Crazy Tube Circuits has unveiled the Cyclone, an all-analogue phaser effects pedal that will work with guitar, bass or keyboards, and has four switchable voices and onboard tap tempo capability.

The enclosure has five controls, with four knobs controlling mix, depth, speed and feedback, while a rotary dial in the centre allows you to select from four phaser modes comprising the "45", "90", "ST" and "LT" voicings.

As for the voicings and their character, the clue is in their name. The 45 mode will give you that mid-'70s two-stage phaser tone – a subtle setting that's great for gentle psychedelia and adding a little rotary swoosh to country-rock or funk. The 90 mode channels a similar era with a four-stage phaser tone for a full sweep from warm breezy modulation to "high-velocity swoosh." Think of those little orange boxes from MXR and you'll have an idea of what the Cyclone is aiming for here. 

Elsewhere, Crazy Tube Circuits describes the ST mode as being influenced by another '70s four-stage phaser, with more pronounced and dirtier mid frequency notches "for a whirling and pulsating" effect, while the LT mode pairs phaser with vibrato for that Lovetone Doppelganger vibe – without the £600 second-hand market price tag.

There are inputs for an external expression pedal to control the rate of the low-frequency oscillator, and this can also be used to set so the Cyclone receives clock signals (0-5V) so you can sync this up with synths and drum machines.

The Cyclone is hand-built in Greece, has true bypass switching and takes 9V of DC power. 

Price is €189 (£165 , $211 approx) and it is available now.

See Crazy Tube Circuits for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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