The new HDJ-CX on-ears from Pioneer DJ could be your new go to DJ headphones

Cutting a lightweight and minimalist silhouette, the HDJ-CX are Pioneer DJ’s newest on-ear DJ headphones that aim to deliver reliable monitoring, no matter the environment.

Their small footprint belies a huge frequency response and excellent isolation for such a lightweight set of cans. This is down to a brand new driver unit that utilises a triple-layered, composite design that helps to deliver a wide frequency response of 5 Hz to 30 kHz.

The combination of materials used for the driver and housing design minimizes distortion that enables clarity at high volumes and delivers enough isolation to serve you well in any live situation.

The HDJ-CXs are built to last and have undergone military-standard shock testing to ensure they can cope with the rigours of touring.

In the box, you are treated to both coiled and straight cables, spare cups and a very nifty 1/4” jack adapter holder that clips staright on to the cable.

For more information and purchase options, head on over to the Pioneer DJ website now.