The long-awaited Les Paul signature for Tool guitarist Adam Jones is in production

(Image credit: Adam Jones / Instagram)

Adam Jones's long-awaited Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst is getting close – so close that the guitarist has posted a pics of guitars going into production on the factory floor.

"It doesn't get more official than this," said the Tool guitarist in a post on his Instagram account. So it looks like we'll be seeing a release of the guitar this year. So the next obvious question is, how much?

With Gibson Custom Shop specs and Jones's eye for detail, it could be a pricey one. 

Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian was able to show us more with a picture of him with Jones and the new guitar on his Instagram account…

The mirror on the headstock reflects the ornaments on Jones's own favourite 1979 Silverburst model this model is based on. A nod to Jimmy Page's mirror (later Dragon) Telecaster perhaps? 

As excited Tool and Silverburst guitar fans will be, we can't be the only ones already hoping for an Epiphone version later down the line.  Fingers crossed! 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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