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The Kapsule might just be the ultimate guitar case for touring musicians

Gruv Gear, makers of the Club Bag and GigBlade guitar cases, may have just designed the best guitar and bass case for touring musicians with the Kapsule, which combines the best features of hardcases, gigbags and suitcases.

The Kapsule’s polycarbonate shell features soft fabrics where it touches your body, providing the comfort of a gigbag, while it also boasts space to pack a load of extra gear or five days’ worth of clothes using Gruv Gear’s compression packing cubes.

Internally, an EPS layer promises superior shock absorbency and insulation from hot and cold temperatures, plus an EVA neck brace for stability.

There’s also a headstock ‘Iso Chamber’ to prevent impact damage, while snap-on wheels make for easy transportation when travelling.

Security features include TSA-compliant locks and a Global Recovery Tag, which allows you to track the location of your guitar at any time.

The Kapsule is available to preorder for $297 from Indiegogo.

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