The 8 best online drum personalities in the world right now, as voted for by you

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This category covers everything from viral drumming videos to the content creators and influencers, to seasoned educators and famous drummers whose regular videos keep us entertained when we're away from our kits.

Subscribe to these channels and profiles and we guarantee you'll be rewarded throughout the 12 months to come with plenty of interesting, inspiring and fun videos to watch! Here are the people you voted as the best online personalities of 2020.

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1. 66Samus

Not only is he an insanely talented drummer, as well as a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things heavy drumming-wise, but 66Samus’ channel is also one of the most entertaining drum channels on YouTube. If you haven’t subscribed, click through now. Congratulations, Samus! 

2. Dave Grohl/Nandi Bushell

Grohl strengthened his ‘Nicest Man In Rock’ title during the onset of lockdowns around the world by engaging in a drum battle with Nandi Bushell. The back-and-forth kept millions of us entertained throughout the summer, with Grohl eventually conceding a loss to his drumming foe and introducing Nandi to an even wider audience than she had already.

3. Jared Falk

We’d say that online lessons have probably kept many of us sane during the strangest year in memory. Drumeo founder Jared Falk ranks high on the list again this year - it’s clear that Jared not only cares about his business, but the business of drummers and drumming around the globe! 

4. RDavidR

We’ve long been huge fans of RDavidR’s channel - full of mods, hacks and experimentations with his gear. This year he’s taken an angle grinder to a Ludwig Supraphonic, fitted guitar strings to a snare drum, tried out ways of adding a patina to his cymbals and lots, lots more. Keep it up, David!

5. Chad Smith

When we found ourselves in lockdown, who came to the rescue with a daily dose of ‘Name that groove’? Chad Smith, that’s who. It was great to watch the RHCP man look like he was going to destroy his kit at any moment while running through 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, When The Levee Breaks, Honky Tonk Women and more!

6. Rick Beato

We can’t download the contents of Rick Beato’s brain…yet. But, thanks to his brilliant channel we can attempt to acquire some of his knowledge. From tuning to recording, and a wealth of interesting musical knowledge beyond drumming such as music theory and music business concepts, we strongly suggest checking Rick’s channel out.

7. Mike Johnston

He makes everything he plays look simple, and his upbeat, unwavering commitment to helping drummers everywhere improve puts Mike Johnston in the upper ranks of this category once again. 

8. Stephen Taylor

We’re big fans of Stephen Taylor’s approach to teaching drums. From need-to-know stuff made more interesting, to advice on making your kit sound better on your recordings, his channel is full of excellent content, delivered in a down-to-earth style that has all the feel of a one-to-one lesson.

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