The 10 best online drum personalities in the world right now, as decided by you

(Image credit: 66Samus/YouTube)

From viral videos to educators and influencers, this category is for the drummers who bring drumming to a wider audience, keeping you glued to your screens as you await more great content while they do.

Follow these profiles (if you haven't already) and we guarantee that you'll be inspired and entertained for the next 12 months. Here's who you have chosen as your top 10 online drum personalities for 2021.

1. 66Samus

Samus has delivered another year of highly entertaining lessons, advice and insight into his take on the world of drumming. As well as some very impressive breakdowns of Gojira, 10 Joey Jordison beats and a number of product reviews, highlights this year are his explanation of using drum triggers in metal, ‘one handed willies’ and er…’TikTok girls LOVE my farts’ (the explanation is in the viewing). 

2. Nandi Bushell

It’s been another huge year for Nandi Bushell, who finally took to the stage with Foo Fighters, delivering a display of unshakable confidence. She also teamed up with Tom Morello and his son Roman for charity single, The Children Will Rise Up! Nandi doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, so we think 2022 will be just as big.

3. Jared Falk

Drumeo is the biggest online resource for learning to play drums, and it’s largely down to Jared Falk’s seemingly endless levels of energy for the subject. Leading a crack team of Drumeo coaches, presenting a relentless schedule of lessons from some of the greatest drummers on the planet, Jared’s positivity and passion constantly shines through. 

4. Stephen Taylor

The best teachers make everything seem accessible, and that’s why we love Stephen Taylor’s lessons. Stephen’s combination of studies on legendary drummers, things every drummer needs to know, and real world/hack approach to gear offers something for everyone, so go and subscribe now! 

5. Mike Johnston/Eddy Thrower (DRUM with Mike & Eddy Podcast)

Mike Johnston and Eddy Thrower might come at teaching and playing from different angles, but we think that’s why it works well. Having launched DRUM with Mike & Eddy, the pan-Atlantic combo is going from strength to strength. Tune in through your preferred podcast platform!

6. Justin Scott

There’s no shortage of brain-melting drummers out there, but if you find yourself rarely pausing through an endless scroll of sterile chops, you need to follow Justin Scott’s Instagram (@jscottdrummer). Not only is he capable of making your jaw drop, but he can groove with the best of them and his kit sounds incredible too.

7. Owain Evans

Owain shot to fame amongst the drumming community last year with his drum-along to the BBC News theme. This year, he undertook the huge task of performing a 24-hour drumathon and not only managed it, putting drums at the forefront of the charity drive, but raised over £3 million for Children in Need. 

8. Mike Dawson (Drum Candy Podcast)

Drum Candy host and Drum Factory Direct chief creative officer, Mike Dawson is no stranger to making a great podcast. Here, he continues to deliver some of the most interesting insights out there into what makes our gear tick. He’s joined each episode by world-class drummers, giving us a chance to nerd-out on the gear choices of the pros and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.

Dom Famularo

As one of the best known ambassadors to the drum industry, Dom Famularo has brought us conversations with some of the greats this year. His easy-going demeanour and unending passion for every area of drumming means that we’ll always tune in, and you should too!

Mike Dolbear

Mike’s dedication to the UK drum industry has cemented him a place in this year’s Top 10. As well as his continued involvement in trying to push drums to a wider audience, Mike’s own lesson, demo and interview content, alongside the Young Drummer of the Year competition displays his love for the instrument. 

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