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Test your guitar chops by learning Andre Nieri's incredible solo from the latest Virgil Donati album

Virgil Donati's latest album Ruination is an incredible showcase, not just of his virtuoso drummer but the musicality of its other players too; including Donati's touring band guitarist Andre Nieri.

Andre has been kind enough to provide us with the tab and a guitar track set to a click of his mind-bending solo from The Crack from Ruination. 

Good luck getting your head and hands around this one. Enjoy! 

The Crack solo – audio

The Crack solo tab 

(Image credit: Andre Nieri)

(Image credit: Andre Nieri)

(Image credit: Andre Nieri)

Ruination is out now. For more information on Virgil Donati visit and for more on Andre Nieri head over to