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You'll "never get bored" of stompFilter, says PSP Audioware

PSP Audioware's new PSP stompFilter isn't a common or garden filter plugin: it's a creative tool that's designed for producing a wide range of modulated filter and gain sounds.

You can call on it when you need an LFO-modulated low-pass filter, an auto-wah, a low/band-high-pass filter or a compressor. The theory is that it can provide "vivid, expressive filtering," with a touch of adjustable LFO randomisation said to create some analogue-style imperfections.

In fact, PSP reckons that this is a plugin that you will "never get bored of". Check out the video above to see if it grabs you, then head on over to the PSP Audioware website to download a demo.

PSP stompFilter is available in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac, and can currently be purchased for $49. The price will rise to $69 in December.