Wolfgang Palm announces PPG WaveMapper

With NAMM 2013 just around the corner we're seeing more companies reveal their latest studio tech for the year. After a fantastic iPad launch last year, Wolfgang Palm has followed the success of his PPG WaveGenerator app with this new PPG WaveMapper.

True to form, Wolfgang Palm has once again delivered some revolutionary new processes to synthesis, allowing an almost limitless spectrum of sound design. Check out the press release below for full details and pricing.

PPG WaveMapper press release

PPG WaveMapper is the second next-generation iOS based synth from Wolfgang Palm, who in 2012 released the PPG WaveGenerator to critical acclaim from both press and public.

In final development the PPG WaveMapper offers iPad users a second synthesiser to compliment the already loved PPG WaveGenerator from Wolfgang Palm. PPG WaveMapper allows the user the opportunity to create limitless sounds from this unique and powerful new technology. PPG WaveMapper features the Sound Map, which maps the various sounds in a way to easily access and experiment with them, more importantly the PPG WaveMapper features a new synthesis system which maps the waveforms of a sound into a new kind of wavetable which preserves the sound characteristics better than classic Wavetable synthesis and at the same time allows for the manipulations which make WT synthesis so unique.

The Mapping window is the visualisation of a pool of programs on which "modules" float. Those modules represent certain parameters of the synthesiser engine and each module can be placed on one of 32 programs. The moment an item is placed on map then the parameters of that module will take on the settings of those parameters in the underlying program on the Mapping window.

People who do not posses synth-programming skills can use this mapping technology as a starting point to create complex sounds. For example a user can drag a string sound source onto a drum envelope, or a guitar sound onto a string envelope - the concept is simple, yet incredibly powerful.

"Power users can delve deep into the back end of any sound using a full set of professional features."

  • New Sound map concept - create new sounds playful and experimental
  • 3 types of synthesis - the optimal type for kind of each sounds
  • Classic wavetables - for the typical PPG sounds
  • Time compressed samples - more authentic sounds, allowing analysis of user samples
  • Pure samples - classic sample playback
  • Analyzer - convert your own samples into the new format or into wavetables
  • 3 oscillators capable for totally independent sound sources
  • 90 sound resources - a huge sound palette, from real instruments to abstract wavetables
  • 4 parameter editor pages - comfortable and detailed access to all the parameters
  • 3 Noise generators, for audio and modulations
  • Classic 24 dB Low pass Filter, combined with an overdrive simulation.
  • Dual amplifier, for versatile control of 2 audio signals as well as panning.
  • 13 Envelopes, for independent control of pitch, waveform, filter and noise gain and panning
  • 4 LFOs - with 5 waveforms
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Flexible Step Sequencer / Arpeggiator combination
  • Schematic touch keyboard - Build your own keyboard, with the keys you prefer for your music.
  • Powerful sound browser - sorting by category, bank management •Virtual and Hard-MIDI in/out - sending/receiving keys and controllers

About WaveMapping

Wavemapping uses visual cues to enable sound design. This may not sound too revolutionary, however it is a completely different way of programming sounds: you do not start with a lot of detailed setting, but with a combined set of parameters which you can select with the touch and swipe of a finger. And the combination of those parameters belonging to a Module make sense of course, it gives the user (being experienced or not) a very fast way for creating unique sounds.

New Analysis/synthesis system WaveMapper uses a new the synthesis system, which can be seen as a bridge between wavetables and samples. In wavetable systems you have great flexibility in controlling the sound, but sound material is limited to harmonic, noise-free waveforms. On the other hand there are samplers, which have very high sound quality, but very limited editing features. In WaveMapper there is a new type, which we call "time corrected sample" (TCS). This can reproduce a much wider palette of sounds then classic wavetables, but still allows for a total control of the access via an envelope or LFOs.

WaveMapper is a powerful new synth for professional iOS musicians and is the ideal partner app for those who already own the PPG WaveGenerator.

Release date February 2013 Price: $19.99 USD

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