Warpaint - Warpaint review

Three years on from their critically acclaimed debut album The Fool, LA Rock outfit Warpaint return with their impressive self-titled second LP.

Out via Rough Trade, the new record follows on from the sullen, dreamy rock of 2010's misty guitar and powering bass-laden debut, but also adds an extra dimension not seen before by the quartet. Stretching their sound beyond just classic guitar-based Rock, the new record takes on a different aesthetic by embracing elements of Rap and R'n'B into their palette. Of course these new elements come in a darkened, haunting hue, fitting into the spellbinding atmosphere that Warpaint have nailed with aplomb.

Recorded at The Joshua Tree and co-produced by the band themselves and legendary producer Flood, the album retains that distinctive Warpaint richness and textured sound whilst also sliding them into pastures further afield.

Their ability to take new strides whilst staying true to their unique personality as a band, all in a coherent expression, is what really marks this as an impressive and mature sophomore album.

No one does moody Rock like Warpaint though and here it is more polished and refined than before. Likely to appeal to both existing fans and newcomers to the band, this album is a perfect snapshot of the Warpaint evolution.

4 out of 5

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