USB wine: just don't call it USB port

Well played sir, well played.
Well played sir, well played.

We don't know how it tastes, but USB, a new dessert wine from California's Peltier Station Winery, already has the whiff of genius about it.

This is a port-style wine, but because it's not from Portugal, it can't be called port. So, its creators decided to call it USB - leaving customers to work out why (not too difficult, really).

If you look on the front, you can even see that the universally-recognised USB symbol has been included. Further clues as to how USB tastes can be found on the rear label, which replaces the letters 'port' with an underline in words such as 'important'.

So, although you can't make any music with it, for sheer bloody-mindedness, this has to be MusicRadar's favourite USB-related release of the year so far.

Can we have a couple of bottles for Christmas please? We'd like to have some with one of these:

(Via The Dieline)

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