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Two heads are better than one if you want to play the Dato Duo synth

The makers of the Dato Duo wanted to make a synthesizer that's fun and accessible so that two people people of any age can play together.

One side of the wedge-shaped instrument features a 2-oscillator synth, low-pass filter, envelope and sample-rate reduction. The reverse side includes an eight-step sequencer and a 2-octave pentatonic keyboard.

The Duo is the subject of a Kickstarter project. Backers can buy into early-bird packages for $269 ($30 discount on the regular price), or go all the way up to $899 for a pre-production prototype for which they'll receive development support.

Alternatively, for a mere $42 you can purchase the acapella model - essentially a 1:1 poster which you can fold up or hang on the wall, but doesn't actually make any sound.

Dato Duo specifications


  • 2 oscillators: 1 pulse (variable width) and 1 sawtooth
  • Digital low pass filter with resonance
  • Amp envelope (note length and release time)
  • Sample rate reductor
  • Noise-based percussion synthesizer


  • 8-step circular sequencer
  • Pentatonic keyboard. Two octaves

Inputs and outputs:

  • Audio out capable of driving headphones
  • Sync input and output, compatible with Korg Volca, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT on full-size DIN connectors
  • Micro USB for power and firmware update. 5V, 2A max.