Talking Shop: Helena Hauff

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Renowned for her high-energy, hardware-powered productions and raw DJ sets - honed during her residency at Hamburg's notorious Golden Pudel - the past couple of years have seen German DJ and producer Helena Hauff make quite an impression on Europe's underground music circuit. Following a string of EPs, her debut LP, Discreet Desires, arrived on Actress's Werkdiscs imprint earlier this year.

Your music seems to be built on around very raw, hardware driven approach. What is it about working this way that appeals to you?

"It's the immediacy. I like how intuitive working with hardware is. Standing in my studio actually physically playing the instruments just works for me better than sitting in front of a computer screen and planning out a track. I never wanted to work in an office!"

Tell us about your current studio

"My studio is in my flat that I've just moved into. I'm pretty happy with the set up right now there's nothing really that I want to change - except for my neighbour! Having the option to record exactly when I want is perfect for me."

What one piece of gear in your studio could you currently not do without, and why?

"It's my TR-808 I suppose. It's great to work with, I just love everything about it: the sound, the sequencer, the colours and the separate outputs…"

How do you approach starting a new track?

"I hook-up a load of hardware and start with a jam session!"

What are you currently working on?

"I'm concentrating on my label Return To Disorder at the moment. I've got two new releases coming up, a split EP by Le Chocolat Noir and Moscow Death Disco and a 12inch by Umwelt. Plus, I've got a couple of tracks coming out on compilations for Solar One Music and Fundamental Records. I'm gonna start to record new material in the new year!"

Helena Hauff's essential production advice...

"It's basically just do what the fuck you want! Find the hardware or software that suits you best and don't listen too much to what other people recommend it might not be the right thing for you to use. Prat around a lot and just try to find your own sound."

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