Spotify to get downloads via 7Digital

Spotify is now best mates with 7Digital.
Spotify is now best mates with 7Digital.

Music listening service Spotify has been generating a lot of headlines recently, with its 'listen to all the streamed music you want' policy being hailed as the future of the industry in some quarters.

However, a new tie-up with 7Digital is set to take Spotify down a well-worn digital route: users in the UK, France, Spain and Germany will soon be able to buy and download music on a track-by-track or full album basis.

The plan is to let users purchase 320kbps MP3s with just a couple of clicks, and there's also the possibility that some songs will be available in the higher-quality FLAC format.

The option to buy a whole playlist of music is also in the pipeline.

It's being speculated that the combination of Spotify and 7Digital, which will enable you to listen to full-length songs and then buy them, might just pose a genuine threat to Apple's iTunes Music Store, which only offers 30-second preview clips.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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