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Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon: the 8-bit version

The Moon8 cover art.
The Moon8 cover art.

For many people, even sitting down to listen to the whole of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon is a stretch, so imagine the level of commitment required to create a note-by-note cover version of the album in an 8-bit NES video game style.

That's exactly what Canadian video game programmer and synth musician Brad Smith has done, though, and he's now letting the world listen to his so-called Moon8 project.

The whole thing was sequenced in FamiTracker and the sound rendered with NSFplug. Final editing was done in good old Audacity.

You can download the album as a zip file of MP3s from the Moon8 website, where you'll also find YouTube links to the songs. Enjoy.

(Via Kotaku)