Nintendo DSi to let you change the speed of music

Could the Nintendo DSi replace your camera and iPod
Could the Nintendo DSi replace your camera and iPod?

Nintendo has confirmed that it plans to launch a revised version of its DS console. The new model will be known as the DSi and is set to start shipping in Japan on November 1.

This updated handheld will have bigger screens (the DSi has two), a built-in camera and music playback functionality.

Interestingly, it's being reported that the music player will enable you to speed up and slow down your files (which will be stored on an SD card), a feature that could appeal to musicians who want to learn songs by ear.

The bigger screens will also be of benefit to those who plan to use software such as the Korg DS-10 to make music.

The DSi will cost 18,900 yen in Japan, which is around £102. It'll be released in the UK next year.