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NAMM 2008: Serato ITCH is iTunes compatible

Early days: Release version may vary from screenshot pictured
Early days: Release version may vary from screenshot pictured

Serato Audio Research have spent the last two years working on a software and hardware solution for digital music selectors and DJs. ITCH is the result.

The hardware attaches to a computer with one USB cable and to a sound system by one audio output. By plugging in some headphones, the portable DJ system is complete, with output, level, crossfader and EQ controls. The audio chain is delivered via the Serato software and all mix adjustments can be controlled by the ITCH hardware.

Spec includes...
- internal mixing and platter style playback control
- integrated hardware to software mapping
- auto tempo matching and beat sync
- optimal gain and BPM calculation
- input and mix recording capability
- AIFF, WAV, MP3 and AAC audio file support

If you use iTunes, you can use ITCH to control the playback and mixing of your playlists. If you're a Serato Scratch LIVE user, you'll find that all your crates, cues, and loops are available in both programs.

The first brands to announce future ITCH hardware are Numark and Vestax, with Serato set to announce more hardware partners soon. First public demonstrations of ITCH will be at Frankfurt Music Messe in March 2008.