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Let the bells ring out for Mersenne, a melodic percussive iPad synth

IceGear has announced its latest iPad synth app in the form of the Mersenne. Following on from the Lorentz synthesizer, Mersenne is polyphonic, but it is sonically focused on the creation of percussive sounds.

The synth engine incorporates FM synthesis and IceGear has done its best to make the interface as user-friendly as possible, with an intuitive layout. Two FM tones can be joined by the noise generator and fed through a resonator to create some beautiful metallic sounds.

The app also incorporates the same arpeggiator that can be found in IceGear's previous synths.

Mersenne is available on the App store at 30% off for £2.99/$3.99, which is a limited time offer. For more information, check out the IceGear website.