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Korg iElectribe for iPhone recreates classic Electribe-R rhythm machine

The original Korg Electribe Rhythm, or ER-1 for short, has been rebooted and optimised for the iPhone.

The photorealistic interface looks to retain all the charm of the 1999 hardware version and, judging by the video, the sounds have also been faithfully recreated.

This being an iPhone app, Korg has also been made to make a few tweaks and improvements. The touchscreen interface is designed to speed up browsing and creating new patches; the cross-modulation function of the Electribe-R mkII is included; and eight new master effects have been added, too.

The app offers support for Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, Virtual MIDI, and iCloud.

Korg iElectribe for iPhone is available now on the App Store for £7.99/$9.99. This price will apply until 30 September 2015 - the price will then rise to the full RRP, set at $19.99.