Klevgrand releases R0verb plugin/app

Anyone for a pickled onion?
Anyone for a pickled onion?

Call up R0verb on your Mac or iPad, and you can immediately start to tweak every single reflection of your signal. Even better, this new AU plugin and iOS app from Klevgrand costs $4 or $8, depending on your format!

The largest part of R0verb's display gives you a half-doughnut-shaped 'stage' area, dotted with a few circles on spikes representing sound reflections. Each spike has two circles - the distance of the inner-most circle from the centre represents the pre-delay time for that reflection, and the distance from that circle to the outermost one controls the overall decay time of that reflection. Spikes and circles are splayed from left to right, representing the reflections' panning!

You can instantly conjur up a new reflection by dragging it out from the + in the centre - especially cool on the iPad version. The circles can be moved from left to right and from front to back, as well as being tweakable for gain, feedback and high-shelf filtering. You can make use of up to 50 reflections at once.

When you're done crafting your virtual space, there's a simple three-band EQ and a dry/wet control. If you're looking for some inspiration in a hurry, there's a randomiser in there as well.

R0verb on the iPad will set you back $3.99, and works with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus;R0verb on the Mac is an Audio Unit plugin, and it'll cost you $7.99 - you'll need to be rocking OS X 10.7 and upwards, though.

For more, bounce on down to the Klevgrand website.