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iPad drum sticks and guitar picks unveiled

Strum or hit your iPad with Pix & Stix.
Strum or hit your iPad with Pix & Stix.

Hitting your iPad with a stick might sound like an act of madness, but that's exactly what the developers of Pix & Stix, a new peripheral package that's been designed for users of GarageBand for iPad, are encouraging you to do.

This contains not just a pair of drum sticks but also a special guitar pick so that you can strum GarageBand for iPad's virtual strings. Both the sticks and the pick feature electro-conducive rubber tips and come in a range of colours.

The price of a Pix & Stix pack - which contains two sticks and a pick - has been set at $14.95 (Australian dollars), but there is a catch. In order for the product to be manufactured, the required funding target has to be reached - at the time of writing 26% of the necessary money has been received. If the target isn't reached within 30 days then those who've paid up will receive a full refund.

You can find out more and place an order on the Pix & Stix website.