Goldfrapp's Will Gregory talks synths

Gregory has recently taken delivery of an Elka Synthex
Gregory has recently taken delivery of an Elka Synthex.

Hardware synth obsessives are usually tedious beardy blokes who spend more time talking about gear than they do making music, but not Will Gregory. OK, he´s got facial hair, but he´s far from tedious and, as co-creator of Goldfrapp´s four acclaimed albums - most recently, 2008´s Seventh Tree, he´s produced a body of work that anyone would be proud of.

In a video interview with Sonicstate, Gregory shows off his impressive synth collection- the most recent addition to which is an Elka Synthex - and discusses some of the gear that was used in the creation of Seventh Tree. Although the album has a more acoustic feel than previous Goldfrapp records, it transpires that technology still played a big part in its production.

This is part one of the interview, apparently, so expect more soon.

By Ben Rogerson