Drumforge's DF-Q is "the first EQ built for drums"

If your existing EQs aren't quite cutting the drum mixing mustard, Drumforge has a new plugin that could be right up your beat processing street. DF-Q is designed specifically for honing the sound of your drum tracks, and promises to "bridge the gap between technicality and musicality".

The theory is that DF-Q combines several well-worn drum equalisation techniques in a single easy-to-use plugin. You can adjust the Punch, Clarity and Attack ranges of your sound, while the Mix knob enables you to apply parallel processing. There are also high- and low-pass filters.

The interface is pretty simplistic, but Drumforge says that it was designed with simplicity and musicality in mind, the idea being that you use your ears rather than your eyes.

DF-Q is available now for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. The regular price is $69, though it's currently available for $49. Find out more on the Drumforge website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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