Does Pharrell Williams really use a PC?

So, are you a Vista or an OS X man, Pharrell?
So, are you a Vista or an OS X man, Pharrell?

Microsoft has unveiled its latest ad, and this time it's going at Apple head-on. The new promo features a variety of 'normal people' and celebrities proudly declaring that "I'm a PC"; Apple, of course, has been keen to portray the Windows platform as geeky and a trifle dull.

But there seems to be some discrepancy here. Look closely and you'll see that one of the Microsoft endorsees is Pharrell Williams. The same Pharrell Williams who, when asked what type of computer he uses in an interview, said "Mac for sure".

A chap has the right to change his mind, obviously, but we're still slightly suspicious. In the same video, Williams shows off his iPhone, though to be fair, this is Windows-compatible.

The new ad follows on the heels of two comedic clips starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

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