DJ /Rupture releases his free Sufi Plug-Ins for Ableton Live

Two of the devices in the Sufi Plug In suite.
Two of the devices in the Sufi Plug In suite.

New York-based producer, DJ and journalist Jace Clayton - better known as DJ /Rupture - has released his free-download Sufi Plug-Ins suite, comprising seven Max For Live devices inspired by 'non-western and poetic notions of sound'.

Check out the video above, introducing the project and the individual plug-ins, which include several synthesisers, a drone machine, a clapping drum machine and a unique, culturally-derived plug-in called Devotion.

Clayton explains on his mudd up! blog: "Sufi Plug-Ins v1.0 is a suite of seven free audio tools for Ableton (Max for Live), including four distinct synthesizers hardwired to North African & Arabic maqam scales with quartertone tuning built-in, a device called Devotion which lowers your computer's volume 5 times a day during call to prayer (presets include Agnostic, Fervent, Devout), and a drone machine. The interface is written in the Berber language of Tamazigh, using their neo-Tifinaght script. Roll-over info texts provide fragments of Sufi poetry (plus a little Jean Toomer)."

Clayton points out that he plans to seek requests for further devices from the group of music students he's currently teaching in Cairo.

Find out more and get the downloads.

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