Carillon returns with new audio PCs

Carillon seems to have retained the design of its old cases.
Carillon seems to have retained the design of its old cases.

PRESS RELEASE: There are very few names in the world of digital audio workstations that are recognised and respected as widely as Carillon is. The Carillon range of Digital Audio Workstations was first launched in the year 2000. Eagerly anticipated by professional studio owners and home recording enthusiasts, the unique selling point of these computer systems was that they were designed from the ground up for audio recording; they were ultra-quiet, rack-mountable, and the software and hardware was specifically tweaked to provide a stable environment for audio production.

The computers were an instant success and garnered rave reviews from the music technology press as well as attracting users including Charlie Steinberg (the founder of Steinberg Media Technologies), the BBC, and a number of large studios around the world.

We are excited to announce the return of Carillon Audio Systems, better than ever with a new range of bang up-to-date, studio-ready computers housed in the iconic AC1 bespoke 19" rackmountable chassis, with optional integrated mic pre-amps and midi controllers.

With previous Carillon expertise on board, Carillon Audio Systems are starting the new decade with a very clear ambition: to offer the best audio recording computers in the world, alongside unbeatable support and service.

All new Carillon computers will be made up of only the most trusted and reliable components, each system stress-tested for 24 hours before dispatch. Sales will always be handled by seasoned professionals who have detailed technical knowledge of the systems and unparalleled insight into how they can integrate into a recording setup. All systems will be sold with a full care package, offering users unparalleled support post purchase.

With basic systems starting at just £699, and ranging all the way up to £3500 for a 3.3GHz 12- thread supercomputer with a massive 24GB of RAM and 5TB of storage, a Carillon system represents an ideal recording solution for professionals and enthusiasts of all budgets. Furthermore, for previous Carillon system owners, a free email support and advisory service is being offered with upgrade packages available to bring legacy systems up-to-date.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Carillon Audio Systems

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