Ben Watt - Hendra

31 years after the release of his debut album, 1983's North Marine Drive, UK musician Ben Watt finally reveals his follow-up, Hendra.

The originally experimental folk musician spent the next 20 years after his debut album as Everything But The Girl, alongside Tracey Thorn, and the ten years after that as a highly respected DJ, producer and head of Buzzin' Fly Records.

Taking a break from electronic music, Watt returns to words and music to create a highly personal and reflective, modern Folk record. Hendra's expansive sound gives the album a picturesque, cinematic feel that regularly conjures up the image of England's sprawling countryside.

Talking about issues such as the sudden death of Watt's sister and beyond, the record has a tender and vivid soul but also explores themes of hope and resilience. Fuzzy electronics join bending guitars to create a classic shimmer and a vintage aesthetic which only add to the record's intimate feel.

A wonderfully crafted and highly engaging record, we just hope Ben Watt is quicker at getting round to his third LP.

4 out of 5

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