Avid takes the wraps off Eleven Rack

Eleven Rack is available now.
Eleven Rack is available now.

PRESS RELEASE: Avid (NASDAQ: AVID) today introduced Digidesign® Eleven™ Rack, a standalone hardware unit that combines a hyper-realistic guitar amp and effects processor with a high-quality computer recording audio interface, to create the ultimate recording and performance solution for guitar players.

Bundled with the industry-standard studio mixing software Pro Tools LE®, Eleven Rack empowers performing or recording guitarists to focus on what's most important — great tone, great recordings and great performances. Unlike other tone simulation devices, Eleven Rack provides guitarists with three distinct solutions in one product that:

  • Replicate everything guitarists love about vintage and modern amplifiers — without the hassle of storing or maintaining them;
  • Create the ability to record incredible guitar tone without needing to re-record a great performance due to bad tone; and,
  • Reproduce tones captured in the studio in live performances with unprecedented ease and flexibility.

Industry Reaction
Recording artists and producers that got a sneak peek of Eleven Rack have had positive feedback to how it will change the industry.

James Michael, a producer for acts such as Motley Crue, Meatloaf and the Scorpions said, "I love it. This was the big missing link and is going to change everything. You'll never see me in another session with racks and racks of amps. This is what I want to use for a number of reasons: imprinting the information onto the audio file, the ability to record the DI and the actual processed stuff together. It's incredible. This is what I'll use making records now."

And, Producer and Recording Artist Buddy Miller, who has worked with such acts as Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris, said "The greatest part about all of it is that it sounds and feels right. It makes you want to play, and that's a good thing. And it's just simple. That advantage of getting back to the sound is just really great."

Revolutionary Tone Clone
Guitarists know that great guitar tone inspires great performances. Eleven Rack delivers a new level of tone realism with a broad range of emulations of legendary guitar amplifiers. A unique Tone Cloning process differentiates Eleven Rack from other modeling products by capturing every stage of the signal path — point-to-point — ensuring exceptionally authentic guitar amp tone. Now, guitar players can experience incredible realism, while re-creating the tone and feel of playing through a mic'd guitar amp. Eleven Rack delivers all of the subtle nuances that for decades have defined the uniqueness of playing through a physical guitar amp, including power amp sag, ghost notes and cabinet resonance. Additionally, the system uses convolution processing to create realistic microphone and cabinet sounds, and offers precise emulations of the most popular stomp-boxes and effect units of the last 40 years.

Guitar Recording Perfected
Eleven Rack is also a high resolution USB 2.0, 8-channel recording interface and includes Pro Tools LE 8, the most popular recording and mixing software in the world — providing access to 48 stereo tracks and more than 70 plug-ins, effects and virtual instruments. Guitarists never have to re-record a track again if they are unsatisfied with the guitar sound in a performance. Eleven Rack directly interfaces with Pro Tools allowing a guitarist to record both dry and processed guitar tracks while simultaneously allowing for re-amping later, without re-patching a single cable. With all amplifier and effect settings embedded into the recorded Eleven Rack audio tracks, guitar players can easily recall previous settings at any time. Built-in DSP processing also enables guitar players to benefit from no audible latency when recording — a vital part of the guitar recording experience.


From Studio to Stage
Eleven Rack can also serve as a standalone effects processor — with no computer required — offering guitar players access to rich tones when they play live. The unit has a number of I/O connections that enable users to easily incorporate it into their live setup or use it as a replacement for their live rig by running it directly into a PA/live sound system. Any tone perfected in the studio can be controlled during a performance using MIDI controllers and expression pedals. Guitarists now have full control over everything from amp and cabinet combinations to vintage "wah" effects, tempo-driven delays and more, all at the touch of a button or stomp of a pedal.

"Guitar players have unique challenges when recording; Eleven Rack was designed to specifically help overcome these challenges," said Hiro Shimozato, product manager at Avid. "As a purpose-built guitar recording system, Eleven Rack addresses the many needs and desires of recording guitar players. The fact that it also operates as a standalone effects processor makes it an appealing solution to every guitar player — recording or not," cites Shimozato. "At the end of the day, with guitar players, it's all about one thing: how it sounds. And this is where Eleven Rack really shines."

Pricing & Availability
Eleven Rack will be available worldwide in September 2009 and carries a USMSRP of $1,259.00.

For more information, visit http://www.digidesign.com

Information taken from official press release

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