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TC Electronic’s ultra-affordable El Mocambo pedal promises “unbelievable tube-like overdrive”

TC Electronic has unveiled the first new addition to last year’s 13-strong range of ultra-affordable pedals: the El Mocambo Overdrive.

Promising “unbelievable tube-like overdrive”, the El Mocambo is based on “the most legendary overdrive circuit ever designed” - could TC possibly be referring to the Tube Screamer, perchance?

Our suspicions are confirmed with the great Danes’ promises of a distinct midrange boost, for overdriving existing amps or cutting through a mix.

As per the rest of TC’s affordable offerings, it packs top-mounted jacks and a sturdy metal housing, with true bypass switching.

The El Mocambo Overdrive is available soon for $49.99/€49.99. Head over to TC Electronic for more info.

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