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Take back control with the Brexit Means Brexit distortion pedal

If there's one thing the UK needs more of right now, it's politics. And while we err on the side of caution here at MR, we couldn't resist sharing this superbly realised Brexit Means Brexit distortion pedal from Tate FX.

Depicting three of EU exit's major players - Michael Gove, Theresa May and Nigel Farage - the BMB is based on a hot-rodded Rat-type distortion circuit using the OP07 IC.

Control comes courtesy of the Farage knob, which increases distortion, while Recession helps to cut through a mix. That just leaves the Racism knob to adjust the volume level.

This isn't the first political pedal Tate FX has put together, either - there's also the Trump-adorned, JFET-based Bullshit Booster.

Whatever your politics, it's a nicely put-together bit of kit, and available to buy from Pedalboards Of Doom for £75. But it's not available in the EU, sorry.

Now, could we get a Strong And Stable overdrive in time for the election?