Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Rick Beato’s famous studio crammed with cool guitars, amps and pedals

Rick Beato
(Image credit: Rick Beato/YouTube)

Producer, composer, audio engineer and music theorist Rick Beato is also one of the most respected music educators in the world and has lectured at several universities, including the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

As the long-time owner of Black Dog Sound Studios in Stone Mountain, Georgia, he has clocked up many years of hands-on experience.

In recognition of his contribution to music, the revered guitarist was honoured by Gibson last year with the release of his Les Paul Special signature model.

But with over 3 million subscribers, Beato is best known for his enlightening YouTube channel.

Featuring artist interviews, music theory and composition lessons, song analysis, in-depth guitar chat and more, his generous content makes fascinating viewing and is essential brain fodder for any musician.

Rick Beato

Just some of the awesome amps in Rick Beato's studio revealed in his behind-the-scenes tour (Image credit: Rick Beato/YouTube)

Earlier today, Beato posted a behind-the-scenes tour of his now famous studio in response to viewer requests.

Immediately busting the internet myth that his studio backdrop is merely a green screen image, the tour begins with some before and after shots of the facility’s construction, before moving on to a formidable collection of guitar amps that includes Marshall, Ampeg, Magnatone, Mesa/Boogie, Park, Hiwatt, Orange, Sound City and Peavey models.

Beato also gives us a close-up look at his electric guitar racks.

Comprising half a dozen Les Pauls, rack number one can be spotted in the background of numerous videos.

Rick Beato

Rick Beato's Les Paul rack (Image credit: Rick Beato/YouTube)

“The front one (the red one) is a Les Paul Deluxe with mini humbuckers,” he points out. “That's actually from 1972. 

"Then you have my Pelham Blue Les Paul you’ve seen me play many times. That’s a Les Paul Standard.

“Then I have a white Custom Les Paul that you'd see Randy Rhoads or Lindsey Buckingham play. I love that guitar. That’s from 1990.

“Then, after that, is a 1956 reissue Goldtop. That has P-90 pickups in it, which are my favourite. 

Rick Beato

Rick Beato's signature Gibson Les Paul Special in Pelham Blue finish sits on its own stand (Image credit: Rick Beato/YouTube)

"Then I have a good, old 1959 Les Paul (it’s not a real one – it’s a reissue with a nice flame top).

“Then, in the very back, is my old school Les Paul Classic with the snot-green fret markers.”

That’s a great selection covering popular single-cutaway Les Paul variants. But pride of place in its own stand is his very own signature double-cutaway Les Paul Special.

Watch the tour here to check out Beato's massive collection of cool gear – including electric, bass and acoustic guitars; a plethora of effects pedals new and old; organs, a Leslie cab, mics and more…

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