Steve Vai plays a stunning guitar solo on Jonah Nilsson's Diamond Ring

"Jonah Nilsson is one of those new breeds of wildly talented musical prodigies," says Steve Vai. So when The Dirty Loops singer / multi-instrumentalist asked the guitarist if he'd contribute a guitar solo to his new solo song Diamond Ring, Vai was happy to. And what a solo it is. 

"It's fascinating to see this kind of talent emerging," says Vai. But the guitarist again proves here that he's not just supporting that talent but continuing to deliver himself. 

"Decades in… you are still surprising the fuck out of us with your artistry. A true master," reacted fellow guitar maestro Nuno Bettencourt on Instagram.

Jonah Nilsson

(Image credit: YouTube / Jonah Nilsson)

Speaking of masters – look out for the Quincy Jones cameo in the video above too. It turns out he's another fan of Nilsson.

“He’s got the perfect balance of right brain creativity and left brain music theory. It’s in his blood,” praises industry legendary Jones. “He’s got soul, with one of the biggest ranges I’ve ever heard.”

"I’m so so excited to present this song that has been in the works for a long time!” Nilsson says. “It’s a very dance-friendly song with lots of fun musical elements with Steve Vai ending the song with a crazy solo! I thought to myself, this song needs the most epic, crazy, guitar-hero solo possible and there is only one person who could’ve delivered that. STEVE VAI!"

Nilsson will release his debut solo album later this year. 

Rob Laing
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