Steinberger reissues Spirit Collection of headless guitars and basses


Love them or loathe them, Steinberger’s headless designs sure are portable, and for 2018, they’re making a comeback under the tagline “the ultimate travel guitar”.

The reissued Spirit Collection delivers the familiar headless designs, all-wood construction, precision tuners and high-performance pickups, but adds new finishes and quilt tops.

New models include the GT-Pro Deluxe, GT-Pro Quilt Top Deluxe, XT-2 Standard Bass, Standard Bass XT-25 five-string and XT-25 Quilt Top Deluxe five-string, as well as the XT-2B Bass, which features the DB Drop system for instant drop D tuning.

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GT-Pro Deluxe
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GT-Pro Quilt Top Deluxe
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XT-2 Standard Bass
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Standard Bass XT-25 five-string
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XT-25 Quilt Top Deluxe five-string
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XT-2B Bass

All instruments feature standard-scale fingerboards that are tuned at the bridge using the 40:1 ratio Double-Ball tuning system, as well as Steinberger pickups.

Now under the Gibson Brands umbrella, Steinberger assures players the 30” (guitar) and 39” (bass) lengths will fit in airline overhead compartments for easy transportation.

For more info, head over to the new Steinberger website.

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