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Slate Digital’s new mic has a vintage body but is stuffed with modern tech

Slate Digital has added expanded its Virtual Microphone System with the release of the ML-1 Vintage Edition, which takes the guts of the original VMS ML-1 Modelling Microphone and places it in a vintage 47-style body.

This is a condenser mic that’s designed to be ultra-linear, high resolution and clean, and features a shock-mounted, edge-terminated, six-micron, gold-sputtered capsule. Use it with a high-quality preamp and Slate says that you’ve got the perfect blank canvas for the Slate Digital Microphone and Preamp modelling plugins.

Speaking of which, the VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition comes with the Classic Tubes module that promises to recreate the sound of over $100,000 worth of classic tube mics and preamps. It ships in a wooden jewel box and is available now priced at $999.  

Find out more on the Slate Digital website.